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Finding a Real Home Job using this web site

Finding a real home job can be a daunting task. Especially, once you run into that first scam portraying themselves as "legit" only to turn out to be a scam artist. We know you are looking for work and don't want to spend money foolishly. That is why this site is here and we work carefully to make sure any money you spend on a resource recommended by us, is worth it! For more on current scams see our Home Job Scams page.

This site was created to weed out those illegitimate companies and give you the real guts of potential work from home jobs that will allow you to become a productive member of the society who provides for themselves and the ones they love. We provide you with reputable resources that are well known for providing lucrative opportunities that pay. Bottom line, we connect you with reputable information. Information that will help in eliminateing a ton of discourageing research.

Who is this Site For? was established to bring you the most current trends and information in Work at Home employment opportunities. Keyword = Work at Home and Opportunity. Therefore, if you have been looking for a great opportunity to work at home, have the tenacity to be your own disciplined boss and have a real home job, this site is for you. You may have ended up here for any number of reasons. Economic recession, life change, personal gain and entrepreneurship. Simply put, if you believe in the value of a days work then you will be a good candidate for many of the companies and recommendations made at

Who is This Site Not For? is not for you if are not disciplined enough to get up in the morning and work. If you are lacking in ambition and not sold on the idea that YOU can do it from home, then this site is NOT for you. We present opportunities to those who KNOW they can do it from home and are willing to take the intiative to contact prospective employers who are willing to let them work from home and earn a lucrative income.

How Do We Track Scams?

Buyer Beware - Companies Listed Below Should Be Avoided

The companies listed in this box will be the one's you want to avoid no matter what. They are here because they scammed someone out of hard earned money and our research uncovered good reason to list them here. They earned their spot!

If you find your company or name listed in a box like this on any of our pages, you have an opportunity to try and have it removed. Contact us here.

We track scams through reviews, articles, research and YOU! Scammers longevity is undetermined because its just a matter of time before they scam the right/wrong person who smears their name all over the internet. We have incorporated a quick way for you to be aware of scammers as well as report scammers. If you see the banner above on any of our pages, take notice of the names listed below it. It will help you to beware and stay on top of who to look out for. You can report any scams found on this site here.