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For more home assembly opportunities, check out the job board and type in "home assembly" and see how many home assembly jobs are available!

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The Most Legit Home Assembly Job on The Web - Read Review

Pastor John Raymond is absolutely promoting an honest opportunity and will pay you $2000 a month to assemble the Disciple's Cross. This opportunity will require you to lay out a minimal amount of start-up cash but it will be returned once you send in or sell, the choice is yours. The product is currently in high demand, you are given full rights to resell them or John will buy them back from you if you utilize the "Buy Back Program". Someone can easily make $2000 a month for less than $100 initial investment. We have purchased and assembled the Disciple's Cross for Pastor John. As a result, we have made money using this opportunity and guarantee that you can too! Read Review.

Helping you find a legit real home job

Earn Extra Cash Assembling Crafts at Home is a very comprehensive list of more than 250 legitimate company's that need help assembling their products. If you are considering work from home and more specifically, home assembly work, this resource is a must have. More companies are resorting to outsource so they cut the overhead and you can help to fill the need for home assembly workers. .

Finding Legitimate Home Jobs

What do We provide and how should it be used?

What we have done is conduct research and reviews of market trends while spotting effective means that can provide lucrative incomes for the right people from home. Due to an abundance of illegitamate activity in this arena on the web we have carved out a lucrative little business of our own. That business consists of weeding through the 10's of 1000's of illegit websites doing their best to coerce you into spending money for nothing.


We are constantly reviewing trends in the home job market and those who represent work-at-home prospects. We conduct our own due diligence so we can openly report what we find. We encourage you to work with us and help to report scams by notifying us here. In doing so, we can all keep Scam Free.